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Tacky Traxx 36" x 36" Adhesive Sticky Mats (120 Sheets)

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Available Quantity Option: Case
Case Unit: 30 Layer Mat (4 Mats Per Case)

Tacky Traxx 36" x 36" Adhesive Sticky Mats

High-Tech Conversions, a leading global manufacturer of innovative cleaning products and cleanroom supplies, was founded in 1995 and has experienced dramatic growth that can be attributed to high quality, fair prices and innovation. With manufacturing facilities located in USA, China, Germany and Mexico, they are able to supply virtually any type of fabric, converted into finished product to many distributors around the world.

Tacky Traxx Mats (sometimes referred to as Tacky Mats) are multi-layered adhesive mats designed to remove dirt and other particulate from foot and cart traffic upon entrance into a cleanroom or clean area. These mats feature a bright surface that makes it easy to identify when the top layer needs to be changed. Each mat contains 30 individually numbered sheets that easily peel off, revealing an new clean layer. Cleanroom sticky mats are a vital tool in cleanrooms and other environments that need to control dirt and dust from outside sources.
Tacky Traxx Mats Features and Benefits:
  • Numbered corner tabs for easy tracking of remaining sheets.
  • Smooth, effective surface is not damaged by shoes, booties, or cart wheels.
  • Peel-off sheets eliminate the need for messy cleaning & make it easy to maintain a clean surface.
  • Perfect for cleanrooms, laboratories, and other controlled environments.
  • 1) Peel off the protective layer of film on the back side of the mat (opposite side that the numbers face) to reveal the adhesive backing
  • 2) Place the mat on a clean surface in the desired location
  • 3) Peel off the top layer of protective film revealing the first sheet of the mat (number 30)