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Step 1: Purchase at least 1 Handle
Step 2: Purchase Slipcover Refills to use with Handle

Curtain Cleaners FAQ

  • Q. What is the purpose of a cleanroom curtain cleaner, and how does it function?


    A. A cleanroom curtain cleaner is a specialized tool engineered to sanitize vinyl curtains. The device latches onto the top of the curtain and moves downward, spreading a cleaning agent on both sides. Its design is straightforward but highly effective, devoid of complex moving components.

  • Q. What are these curtain cleaners typically made of?


    A. These cleaning tools usually feature a frame made of stainless steel that has undergone electropolishing, which is then attached to cleanroom-specific handles. The cleaning covers come in various materials, such as specialized polyesters and microfibers, filled with urethane foam. These covers can be sterilized using autoclaving methods and resist various cleaning agents like alcohol and disinfectants.

  • Q. What kinds of cleaning covers can you use with curtain cleaners?


    A. Various cleaning covers can be fitted onto the curtain cleaner, each designed to meet different cleaning challenges. Materials range from specialized polyesters to microfibers, which can be washed and reused, offering a sustainable option.

  • Q. What additional equipment and attire are needed for effective curtain cleaning?


    A. To carry out curtain cleaning effectively, you'll likely need a bucket to hold your cleaning solution. Dry wiper cloths can also be useful for a final wipe-down of the curtains. It's crucial to wear the correct cleanroom attire, including gloves and potentially a beard cover, to avoid introducing any contaminants during the cleaning process.

  • Q. Are there any specific best practices for using curtain cleaners?


    A. When using curtain cleaners, adherence to cleanroom protocols is essential. Ensure that the cleaning covers suit your needs and keep enough refills available. Always follow the guidelines and instructions provided by the manufacturer to guarantee both effective and compliant cleaning.