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Controlled Environments Apparel & Accessories

Specialty Optical Systems is a leading provider of cleanroom supply apparel. We have aligned ourselves with the top manufacturers to provide you with a quality product for your controlled environment requirements.

We offer a wide range of apparel products for semiconductor, electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and other health care industries.

Product Families Description
Cleanroom Garments We offer a full line of Dupont™ Tyvek Garments for semiconductor, electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and other health care industries.
Cleanroom Gloves TechniGlove's family of products includes nitrile and latex gloves suitable for use in Class 10, Class 100, and Class 1000 Cleanrooms, as well as USP 797 and Chemo approved Sterile Cleanroom gloves in both bulk and pair packaging.
Cleanroom ESD Electrostatic discharge (ESD) prevention apparel for Cleanroom environments. These products are vital for electronic, aerospace, and semiconductor industries.
Cleanroom Cuff Sealer A conformable polyethylene tape used to ensure an effective seal between the glove and garment in critical environments.
Saftey Glasses Uvex safety glasses are the world's top-selling protective eyewear brand. They set the standard for eye protection and comfort in the workplace.



Cleanroom Gloves and Apparel FAQ

  • Why are cleanroom gloves and apparel important?


    Cleanroom gloves and apparel serve as the first line of defense against contamination. They are designed to prevent the transfer of particles, microbes, and electrostatic discharge, ensuring that the controlled environment remains as sterile as possible.

  • What types of cleanroom gloves are available?


    Cleanroom gloves come in various materials like nitrile and latex. They are suitable for different classes of cleanrooms, ranging from Class 10 to Class 1000. Some gloves are also approved for specific applications like USP 797 and chemotherapy. For example, you might consider Ansell XC-310 Microflex XCEED Nitrile Gloves for nitrile options or Ansell MF-300 Microflex Diamond Grip Latex Gloves for latex gloves.

  • What are the different types of cleanroom apparel?


    Cleanroom apparel includes a variety of items such as:

    • Masks: Essential for covering the nose and mouth to prevent respiratory particles from contaminating the environment.
    • Aprons: Used for additional protection against spills and splashes.
    • Gowns: Provide full-body coverage and are often used in pharmaceutical and healthcare settings.
    • Beard Covers: Necessary for individuals with facial hair to prevent hair particles from contaminating the cleanroom.
  • Are there gloves designed for specific tasks?


    Yes, some gloves are designed for specialized tasks. For instance, if you're working in an environment where cut resistance is crucial, you might consider Ansell HyFlex 70-400 Cut-Resistant Kevlar Knit Gloves.