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Cleanroom Sticky Rollers FAQ

  • Q. What are cleanroom sticky rollers?


    A. Cleanroom sticky rollers are specialized rollers with sticky surfaces designed to remove and collect particles, dust, and other contaminants from floors, walls, and ceilings in cleanrooms. These rollers are essential for maintaining the cleanliness standards required in controlled environments.

  • Q. What types of sticky rollers are available?


    A. There are primarily two types of sticky rollers: Poly Sticky Rollers and Foam Sticky Rollers. Poly rollers are generally more durable, while foam rollers are softer and can easily conform to uneven surfaces.

  • Q. How do I use a sticky roller?


    A. To use a sticky roller, you'll need a handle and a roller refill. Attach the roller to the handle and roll it over the surface you want to clean. Some users prefer a Sticky Roller Kit that includes both the handle and a roll.

  • Q. Can I extend the handle for hard-to-reach areas?


    A. Yes, you can use sticky roller extensions to extend the handle and reach higher or more difficult areas.

  • Q. How often should I replace the roller?


    A. The replacement frequency depends on the level of contamination and the specific requirements of your cleanroom. However, replacing the roller is generally advisable when it no longer picks up particles effectively.