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Cleanroom Sponges

Micronova Manufacturing Inc. was established in Torrance, California in 1984. Recognizing the need for tools to address critical cleaning in aerospace and military installations, the company developed a range of cleanroom mops, wipers and detergents to serve the emerging cleanroom industry. With its CR 100 PC tape, the company was the first to develop specially processed cleanroom tape for controlled environments.

Top Seller:

PolyMesh sponge comes with an abrasive outer layer made of polyester mesh for a more aggressive cleaning. A very popular combination with Micronova's heavy duty all purpose cleaner, MegaClean.

Brand New:
PolySorb sponge is highly absorbent and has more texture for better scrubbing and overall cleaning.
Brand new and very popular, Micronova's PolySorb sponge is their most absorbent polyester sponge.

MegaTex (100% Polyamide)
Non-woven Polyamide fabric
Textured thermo bonded surface
Ideal for cleaning heavy soils, structured floors
  and other rough surfaces
Sponges combine MegaTex over a urethane
  foam interior
Holds up to strong disinfectants and steam
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MicroFiber (80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide)
Constructed from 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide
Split MicroFiber material
Over 400% absorbency
Superior cleaning ability
Sponges combine MicroFiber over urethane foam
Holds up to strong disinfectants and steam
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NovaCel (Solid PVA)
• Constructed from white PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol)
Absorbs 25 times its weight
Broad chemical resistance
Holds up to strong disinfectants and stream
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NovaSponge (PVA Covered)
• Constructed from bonded, non-woven Polyvinyl
  Alcohol (PVA)
600% absorbency
Low linting
Extremely durable
Soft and pliable, can be used wet or dry
Sponges combine PVA over a urethane foam
Not recommend for use with isopropyl alcohol
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NovaLite (63% Synthetic Latex / 37% Rayon)
• Constructed from a latex exterior bonded with rayon
400% absorbency
Hard wearing
Latex exterior offers increased friction resistance
Sponges combine NovaLite over a urethane foam
Holds up to strong disinfectants and steam
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NovaPoly (100% Polyester)

• 100% Polyester
• Sturdy design
• Absorbent weave for increased wicking

• Sponges offer two ply polyester enclosing
  urethane foam

• Launderable
• Autoclavable
• Resistant to strong disinfectants
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PolyMesh (100% Mesh Polyester / Abrasive)

• 100% Polyester covered in Polyester Abrasive Mesh
• Removes chemical deposits, photo resist and fluxes
• Clean alternative to household grade abrasive pads
• Will not shed or flake
• Holds up to strong disinfectants and steam
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(100% Textured Polyester / Absorbent)
Textured polyester, features a unique waffle weave
  design that provides increased absorbency
Resistant to strong disinfectants
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NovaSpill (28" Polyester Spill Pillow)
The NovaSpill cleanroom spill pillow offers
excellent absorbency coupled with cleanroom
compatibility. A 28” cylinder composed of
100% polyester strips contained in a polyester
sleeve, the NovaSpill is low-linting with good
chemical resistance for use at wet decks and
similar processing stations. Easy to maneuver,
the NovaSpill can be used for spill containment
and to stem moisture flow. Will absorb up to
850 ml of liquid.
Click Here to purchase NovaSpill pillows
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