With more than 30 years of experience, Specialty Optical Systems is a leading provider of clean room supply products. We have aligned ourselves with the top manufacturers to provide you with a quality product for your controlled environment requirements.

We offer a wide range of facility products for semiconductor, electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and other health care industries.




Product Families Description
Cleanroom Bottles R&R Lotions clean room blue static dissipative solvent containers have an average surface resistivity of 10^9 to 10^10. Our blue bottles will dissipate a charge of plus or minus 5000 volts in less than 2 seconds at 40% relative humidity.
Cleanroom Dispensers S-Curve Technologies is the # 1 company for the design and manufacture of acrylic dispensers to the high tech cleanroom industry, medical/dental industry and research/university laboratory industry.
ESD Electrostatic discharge (ESD) prevention products for Cleanroom environments. These products are vital for electronic, aerospace, and semiconductor industries.
Cleanroom Hand Care R&R Lotions are formulated without the uses of silicones, lanolins, mineral oils and glycerins.
Cleanroom Labels Texwipe’s pressure sensitive cleanroom labels are designed for critical environments. Made from materials that are low out-gassing, has ultra-low leachables and low particulates.
Cleanroom Mops/Refills Texwipe mops and cover refills are designed specifically for critical cleaning environments and offer premium contamination control.
Cleanroom Stationery Texwipe's Cleanroom Paper and TexWrite® products offer a complete system for cleanroom documentation. Our stationery and notebooks are for use in any controlled environment.
Cleanroom Sticky Mats Sticky mats provide an excellent barrier and assist in preventing any unwanted foot borne or wheel borne contamination.
Cleanroom Sticky Rollers Cleanline Sticky Rollers provide the best possible means of removing even the smallest particles of contamination from flat surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors, table tops, etc.
Cleanroom Tapes We offer a wide range of tape solutions from general purpose to specialty applications.
Lighting GE covRguard™ Lamps offer this extraordinary protection with minimum light loss, block most ultraviolet light emissions, and meet FDA, NSF, AND OSHA standards.
Sony Paper We offer a full line of thermal print paper for Sony black and white printers.
Workstation Cleaning The CleanTex line of presaturated products is conveniently packaged in hermetically-sealed foil pouches. Each product is ready-to-use with the precise metered amount of cleaning agents needed to tackle your specific application.