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Products for Aerospace, Aviation & MRO

Since 1964, Texwipe has continued to advance the industry standard with cleaner materials for maximum particle control, higher durability, top-performing sorbency and chemical resistance, and products developed singularly for aerospace and aircraft cleaning applications.

We have a wide selection of products for the Aerospace, Aviation and MRO industries.

Whatever your need, Texwipe has the solution.

Solvent Wipers, Dry Wipers, Pre-wetted Wipers, Swabs, Mops, Sticky Mats, Labels, Tapes

Products for the Biologics and Laboratory Industry

Texwipe® offers a full range of contamination control products for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing and laboratories including disinfectant wipes, pre-wetted wipers, sterile alcohol, swabs, mops, cleanroom stationery and contamination control mats.

Vaccines, Parenterals, Injectables, Inhalants and Ophthalmics produced in ISO Class 5 or higher aseptic fill areas or in sterile isolators require stringent cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Pre-sterilized wipers and other cleaning consumables are recommended.

Sterile IPA, Sterile Dry Wiper, Sterile Pre-Wetted Wipers, Autoclavable Mop, Disinfectants, Swabs, Cleanroom Garments


Products for the USP 797 Compounding Pharmacies

USP 797 provides practice and quality standards for all persons who make Compounded Sterile Preparations (CSP) drugs and nutrients and for all environments in which they are prepared

Texwipe offers a comprehensive array of cleanroom consumables including Sterile IPA, Sterile Dry and Pre-Wet Wipers, Autoclavable Mops, Disinfectants and Cleaning Validation Swabs that are designed to make it easier for you to meet cleaning validation guidelines and achieve USP compliance.

Available Downloads: Cleaning Compliance Guide / USP Cleaning Product Guide

Sterile IPA, Sterile Dry Wiper, Sterile Pre-Wetted Wipers, Autoclavable Mop, Disinfectants, Swabs, Sticky Mats,


Products for the Print Press Industry

Texwipe offers the widest range of cleaning products for print heads, anilox rollers, image plates and general surface cleaning, making printer maintenance easier for you.

Epson and Hewlett Packard recommends Texwipes line of wipers, swabs and IPAs for their SurePress and HP Indigo presses for cleaning and maintenance.

Alpha wipers and swabs provide the best lint free cleaning for the delicate surfaces on your print presses.

Alpha Wipers, Alpha Swabs, Isopropyl Alcohol


Products for the Facility Maintenance Industry

Pre-wetted sheets from Texwipe integrate different substrates and various solvents in convenient, solvent-safe dispensers. Sheets are pre-wetted with high grade solvents that meet various industrial and federal specifications.

These industrial cleaners make facility maintenance effortless. Products are packaged in a variety of configurations including a patented Flexpack canister, reclosable bags or convenient, single use pouches. Texwipe removes the guesswork from your daily maintenance activities.

Texwipe offers a variety of products that serve general purpose facility maintenance.

Dry Wipers, Pre-wetted Wipers, Industrial/Solvent Wiper, Sticky Mats, Mops, Stationery

Products for the Food Processing Industry

Processed foods are “value-added” products, referring to the fact that a raw commodity or commodities are transformed into a processed product through use of materials, labor, and technology. Any product that requires some degree of processing is referred to as a processed product, regardless of whether the amount of processing is minor, such as for canned fruit, or more complex, such as for snack foods.

Texwipe offers a range of products engineered to work with food manufacturing and processing areas plus food contact surfaces. Our products are designed to provide microbial control and prevent cross contamination of food bacteria.

Polypropylene Wipers, Swabs, Isopropyl Alcohol, Disinfectants, and Adhesive Mats (for Dressing Areas) are strongly recommended.

PolySat Wipers, Swabs, Isopropyl Alcohol, Disinfectants, Sticky Mats

Products for the Medical Device Industry

Medical devices include a wide range of medical instruments, implants and machines used in the treatment, diagnosis or prevention of disease in man or animals. They do not achieve their primary intended use through chemical action within the body.

Whether you operate cardiovascular devices, or work with orthopedic, diagnostic, or surgical devices, the cleanroom must be maintained through validated cleaning protocols that include medical wipes and mops.

Medical device manufacturing is often conducted in ISO Class 7 or higher, non-aseptic controlled environments.

Sterile IPA, Sterile Dry Wiper, Sterile Pre-Wetted Wipers, Autoclavable Mop, Disinfectants, Swabs,

Products for the Microelectronics Industry

Since 1964 when Texwipe created the world's first lint-free wipes, engineered specifically for the burgeoning hardware components industry, they have pioneered innovative products targeted at minimizing yield loss and controlling unwanted particulates.

From 1964 to 2014, Texwipe continues to innovate products designed to support the unique needs of Microelectronics and Semiconductor manufacturing.

Pre-wetted wipers and other cleaning consumables are recommended.

Dry Wipers, Pre-wetted Wipers, Industrial/Solvent Wiper, Swabs, Mops, Stationery, Sticky Mats, Tapes

Products for the Cleanroom Design and Build

Cleanrooms can be built using Modular, Hardwall or Softwall structure and are assembled in a variety of sizes using many different construction materials.

No matter what the clean room design is or what your specific needs are, Texwipe offers the widest range of cleaning supplies for contamination control during this critical phase of your project.

From Cleanroom Tape, Mops and Wipers to Adhesive Mats, we have just the solution you are looking for.

Dry Wipers, Pre-wetted Wipers, Sterile Dry Wiper, Sterile Pre-Wetted Wipers, Industrial/Solvent Wiper, Swabs, Mops, Stationery, Sticky Mats, Tapes