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Cleanroom Lab Coat FAQ

  • What is a cleanroom lab coat?


    A cleanroom lab coat is a specialized garment designed to be worn in a cleanroom environment. These lab coats are made from materials that minimize particle shedding and are engineered to meet the stringent requirements of cleanrooms.

  • Why is it important to wear a cleanroom lab coat?


    Wearing a cleanroom lab coat is crucial for maintaining the integrity of a cleanroom environment and is an essential component of proper gowning techniques. These garments are designed to prevent contamination by trapping particles naturally emitted from the body.

  • What are the different types of cleanroom lab coats?


    Cleanroom lab coats come in various types, including reusable and disposable options. Some may have special features like ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection, zipper closures, or pockets.

  • How do I choose the right cleanroom lab coat?


    When choosing a cleanroom lab coat, consider factors like the cleanroom classification, the type of work you'll be doing, and any specific requirements your facility may have. For a high-quality option, check out the Kimberly-Clark Kimtech A8 Zipper Lab Coat.

  • Are lab coats equipped to handle beard hair?


    They won’t prevent hairs from falling into the cleanroom environment. You can and should wear a beard cover if you have facial hair. This additional layer helps to prevent any potential contamination from facial hair.

  • Is a hood necessary when wearing a cleanroom lab coat?


    While a hood is not always required, it can offer additional protection in certain cleanroom environments. Hoods can help contain particles from hair and the upper body.