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Cleanroom Hood FAQ

  • What is the purpose of a cleanroom hood?


    A cleanroom hood is designed to provide additional protection against contamination in a cleanroom environment. It covers the head, neck, and shoulders, minimizing the shedding of particles from hair and skin.

  • How do cleanroom hoods differ from regular hoods?


    Cleanroom hoods are made from specialized materials designed to minimize particle shedding and are often sterilized to meet the stringent cleanliness standards required in cleanroom settings. You can learn more about the rules for working in a cleanroom to understand the importance of specialized apparel.

  • Can I wear a cleanroom hood with other cleanroom garments?


    Yes, a cleanroom hood is often worn in conjunction with other cleanroom garments like beard covers and lab coats to provide comprehensive protection against contamination.

  • Are there specific gloves that pair well with cleanroom hoods?


    All gloves sold by SOS Cleanroom, such as the Ansell 73-500 TouchNTuff Sterile Neoprene Gloves, are designed to meet the same cleanliness standards as cleanroom hoods and can be used together for optimal protection.