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The name synonymous with wipers.

From creating the world's first lint-free wiper in 1964 to the recent Vertex® Wiper technology innovation, Texwipe leads all industries in contamination control.

To maintain our leader status, we committed to investments in technology, innovation and creativity to manufacture cutting-edge, state-of-the-art clean products.

We supply the highest quality, most consistent cleanroom wipers on the market - from Vertex® ultra-clean to Technicloth® nonwoven to the original Texwipe Cotton Wiper, we produce superior products for every cleanroom, any specification.

Product Families Description
Blended Nonwoven Hydroentangled, polyester/cellulose blends for areas where moderate contamination control is required.
Sealed-Border Synthetic  Large and specialty wipers for the most critical environments and applications.
Sealed-Border Vectra® Process Ultra-clean, sealed-border wipers for the most critical environments and applications.
Specialty A variety of unique wipers custom-engineered to address specific cleaning applications.
Sterile Developed to clean aseptic cleanrooms, without compromising the sterile nature of those environments.
Synthetic Cut, laundered and cleanroom packaged wipers for critical environments and applications.
Vertex® Cleanest wipers available. Fully-automated manufacturing process for the most critical environments. 


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