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Discover our high-quality Polyester Swabs designed specifically for cleanrooms, where precision and hygiene are of utmost importance. Made with ultra-clean, lint-free, and highly absorbent polyester fiber, these swabs effectively capture and remove contaminants to maintain a sterile environment. The thermally-bonded fiber heads ensure minimal particle release, making them ideal for critical pharmaceutical, biotech, and electronic applications. Our polyester swabs are pre-sterilized for immediate use.

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Polyester Swab FAQ

  • Q. How do polyester swabs differ from other types of swabs?


    A. While polyester swabs are designed for high absorbency and low lint, other types of swabs, like cotton-foam combo swabs, may offer different characteristics, such as rigidity or chemical resistance. Choosing the type of swab that best suits your cleanroom needs is essential.

  • Q. Can these swabs be used for testing surfaces?


    A. Yes, polyester swabs can be used for surface testing. For instance, they can be used with testing kits like the 3M Clean-Trace Surface Protein Plus Test Swab to check for protein residues on surfaces.

  • Q. Can sterile polyester swabs be used with cleaning solutions?


    A. Yes, sterile polyester swabs can be used with specific cleaning solutions for cleanrooms. You might consider pairing them with cleanroom wipers for more comprehensive cleaning.

  • Q. Are there other types of swabs suitable for cleanrooms?


    A. Yes, apart from polyester swabs, other types of swabs are available, including foam, cotton, and microfiber swabs, each with unique characteristics and applications.

  • Q. How often should sterile polyester swabs be replaced?


    A. The replacement frequency depends on the specific protocols of the cleanroom and the nature of the work being done. However, it's generally advisable to use a new swab for each critical task to maintain the cleanliness level of the environment.