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Products for Industrial Environments

Pre-wetted sheets from Texwipe integrate different substrates and various solvents in convenient, solvent-safe dispensers. Sheets are pre-wetted with high grade solvents that meet various industrial and federal specifications. Products are packaged in a variety of configurations including a patented Flexpack canister, reclosable bags or convenient, single use pouches.

Benefits of using pre-wetted sheets:

  • Safer working environment by reducing airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Pre-saturated sheets eliminate solvent cans and reduce solvent waste
  • Recommended and optimized for advance composites, epoxy systems, and nylon with standard cure times
  • Excellent mold release agent for polyester, resins, thermoplastics, adhesives and rotationally molded plastics
  • Highly durable and flexible polypropylene sheet 
  • Lower mold maintenance costs

Texwipe products have been formulated for the aviation, marine, automotive, general industrial and sporting goods industries.

Product Families Description
SolvSat™ Canister Systems Containing pre-wetted, AMS3819 qualified, wipers designed for industrial and precision cleaning applications often found in the Aerospace, Printing, Automotive and Marine industries.
Solvent Mold Release Sheets Combine textile and chemical technology to create an easy-to-use method of applying mold release agents.