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Ultimat ESD Rubber has been awarded the ESD Journal Seal of Approval

The ESD Journal in conjunction with its associate experts and thorough tests or audits performed by qualified laboratories has awarded the "ESD Journal Seal of Approval" to Static Solutions for Ultimat rubber. The Ultimat rubber is 2.0 mm thick (.080”), life time electrical warranty, competitively priced, flame retardant, solvent, UV, temperature resistant, lays flat, has no odor and is ESD, RoHS and cleanroom outgassing compliant. The Ultimat comes in 6 different colors you can choose from as well as different lengths in sizes. This approval has been awarded to products which meets standards for "fitness for use". The ESD Journal Seal of Approval was awarded to the Ultimat and may be used in all industries such as Electronics, Military, Medical, Chemical, and Plastics manufacturing.