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Explore our selection of 6% hydrogen peroxide solutions specially designed for cleanrooms. Ideal for sterilization and disinfection, our products meet stringent quality standards to ensure a contaminant-free environment.

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6% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution FAQ

  • Q. What is 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution?


    A. 6% hydrogen peroxide solution is a blend of 6% hydrogen peroxide and water. It is specifically designed for use in cleanrooms and controlled environments for the purpose of surface disinfection. The solution is endowed with strong oxidizing power, making it effective in destroying bacteria and other harmful organisms.

  • Q. How Does 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Work?


    A. Hydrogen peroxide is a simple molecule with a molecular formula of H2O2. It has an extra oxygen atom compared to water (H2O), which gives it strong oxidizing power. This extra oxygen is responsible for destroying bacteria and other harmful organisms, although the exact mechanism is not well understood.

  • Q. How Is It Different from Other Disinfectants?


    A. Unlike other disinfectants like IPA Cleaner or sodium hypochlorite, 6% hydrogen peroxide offers the benefit of breaking down into harmless byproducts—water and oxygen. This is particularly advantageous in cleanrooms where residue can be a concern.

  • Q. How Is 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Applied?


    A. The solution can be applied using a wiper directly wetted with the hydrogen peroxide solution. Alternatively, pre-wetted wipers can be used. Special attention should be given to the wiping protocol to ensure effective disinfection. It's essential to use linear wiping strokes and allow surfaces to air dry to maximize contact time.

  • Q. Can It Be Used with Swabs?


    A. Yes, both polyester swabs and cotton swabs can be used for applying 6% hydrogen peroxide, especially in hard-to-reach areas or for precision cleaning.

  • Q. Is It a Sporicide?


    A. While hydrogen peroxide has strong bactericidal properties, its efficacy as a sporicide may vary. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for specific applications.

  • Q. Are There Any Safety Concerns?


    A. Hydrogen peroxide solutions are inherently unstable and decompose over time to oxygen gas and water. They should be stored in opaque containers to prevent decomposition from external light. Also, they should be handled with care due to their strong oxidizing properties.