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Mops & Buckets

From Floor to Ceiling (and in between)

Texwipe mops, covers, head refills, buckets, carts and liners are designed specifically for cleanrooms and offer premium contamination control. We offer a variety of mop types and covers to suit virtually any need - large areas, isolators, and even those companies wanting to use standard wipes as covers; we have the mop for you. We also offer a complete line of cleanroom buckets, featuring an exclusive seamless stainless steel bucket construction and carts to build a perfect mopping system. For your convenience, select your cleanroom mop from below.

With the large selection of cleanroom wipers on the market, it can be challenging trying to find the best wipers for your application. At SOSCleanroom, we’ve been a leader in the distribution of cleanroom supplies since 1990, and we’ve been designated as the Texwipe Master Distributor. In addition to our impressive selection of cleanroom wipers, we also carry cleanroom swabscleanroom wipes, and cleanroom garments.