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Optimal Levels

Our pre-wetted wipers feature the same clean you've come to know from our dry wipers but saturated to optimal levels with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and deionized water (DIW). Texwipe pre-wetted wipers offer several advantages:

  • Reduced use of squirt bottles
  • Fewer VOCs
  • Safer to ship, store, and use
  • Easier to use

Pre-Wetted wipers are now available in a new, reclosable bag. This innovative delivery system combines easy wiper access with an effective package to protect the integrity of the product during storage. The reclosable mechanism slides open easily for quick access to the internal security seal that keeps the wipers protected until ready for use.

Product Families Description
AlphaSat® with AlphaWipe® Low particles, fibers, NVR and ions wipers pre-wetted with 70% IPA.
AlphaSat® with Vectra® Alpha® 10 Lowest particle wipers pre-wetted with a variety of IPA concentrations.
AlphaSat® with Vectra® AlphaSorb® 10
Low-particle pre-wetted wiper for use in cleaning critical environments. Ultraclean AlphaSorb 10 sealed-border wipers with 10% semiconductor-grade isopropyl alcohol (IPA).
PolySat® Economical polypropylene wipers pre-wetted with 70% IPA.
QuanSat with Vectra® QuanTex™ Sealed-border cleanroom wipers pre-wetted with IPA in one convenient package.
QuanSat with Vectra® LT QuanTex™ State-of-the-art wiper technology. Provides maximum performance in critical cleanroom environments. No-run interlock, double-knit from 100% continuous-filament LT polyester.
Sterile Texwipe® Sterile Wipers clean aseptic cleanrooms quickly and easily without compromising the sterile nature of those environments.
TechniSat® Nonwoven polyester/cellulose wipers pre-wetted with IPA and other solvents.
Vertex® High sorption and soft feel. 100% continuous-filament, polyester knit fabric wipers. Made in the USA!


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