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Micronova Manufacturing Inc. was established in Torrance, California in 1984.

Recognizing the need for tools to address critical cleaning in aerospace and military installations, the company developed a range of cleanroom mops, wipers and detergents to serve the emerging cleanroom industry. With its CR 100 PC tape, the company was the first to develop specially processed cleanroom tape for controlled environments.

In recent years the company has broadened its product range to meet the needs of aseptic processing in pharmaceutical and biotechnological sites.

All manufacturing is carried out at the Torrance facility and Micronova's products are distributed and sold into cleanroom facilities worldwide.

Product Families Description
All-Purpose General purpose cleaning products for a wide range of applications.
Floor Cleaner Floors/Walls/Ceilings/Cleanroom Curtains.
Lab/Glass Cleaner Laminar flow benches, Cleanroom Curtains, Glass and Acrylic surfaces.
Stainless Steel Cleaner For cleaning stainless steel surfaces in controlled and support environments.


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