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Cleanroom Swabs

CleanTips® Cleanroom Swabs

Texwipe Cleanroom Swabs, with their trademarked (Re.No. 5,343,973) green handles, are the standard in cleanrooms across the globe. Manufactured with a complete thermal bond, eliminating adhesive contamination*. Our swabs are manufactured using high-precision automated processes, resulting in swabs constructed to exacting and consistent tolerances, lot coded for traceability and quality control. Custom swabs - At Texwipe® we understand that the best swab for your application may be something unique. We can create a custom swab for your specific application.

With the large selection of cleanroom swabs on the market, it can be challenging trying to find the best swabs for your application. At SOSCleanroom, we’ve been a leader in the distribution of cleanroom supplies since 1990, and we’ve been designated as the Texwipe Master Distributor. In addition to our impressive selection of cleanroom swabs, we also carry cleanroom wiperscleanroom sticky mops, and cleanroom garments.