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Keep your Clean Room Sterile


Regular cleaning procedures must be performed in a clean room, no matter the type of clean room certifications. The right materials have to be use or it can create problems. Using a rag and all purpose cleaner won’t cut it in a clean room. You need to have wipes that are lint free and create a sterile environment. Same goes with mopping the floors. Cleaning is on top of wearing the proper attire and cleaning off your shoes upon entering the room.

One such wipe to help stay in compliance is the TX3214 Sterile TechniSat 9" x 11" Polyester and Cellulose Wiper Pre-Wetted 70% IPA. These Texwipes are sterilized with Gamma radiation, and they are perfect for pharmaceutical aseptic fill areas, microbiological laboratories, biotechnology manufacturing facilities, sterile suites and prep rooms for clean room environments. The alcohol on the wipes make them great to use to clean and polish surfaces and equipment during production or after, during clean up. They are also good for wiping gloved hands after a contamination in order to re-sterilize.

We, at SOS CleanRoom, offer the best in clean room supplies, and we do so with award winning success. We want to help insure your have the right products for the job. Buy in large quantities and save on the cost of your supplies. After more than 30 years of supplying for clean rooms, we carry products for all areas of maintaining a clean, sterile, lint-free environment for medical, pharmaceutical and technology industries. Our products sold include, but aren’t limited to, wipers, apparel, mops, swabs, solutions and the dispensers for the clean room facilities.