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Duster / Freeze Spray

3272.png Dusters

Chemtronics dusters are microscopically clean, oil and moisture free sources of "canned air" developed for applications where safe, ultra-pure cleaning is required. Compact and portable, Chemtronics dusters deliver powerful jet action to instantly remove particles from even the most inaccessible areas. All Chemtronics Dusters economize solvent usage by removing layers of dry particulate allowing the solvent to work immediately on encrusted soils. They also accelerate surface drying when using slow evaporating cleaners to remove damaging oil and residue.

  3265.png   ES1020

Duster with the BIGGEST blast to clean anything fast

Blasting Power: XX Strength (1.51 N)

  3266.png   ES1015
UltraJet 70

Powerful, economical duster with a BIGGER blast than competitive dusters

Blasting Power: X Strength (1.35 N)

  3268.png   ES1017

Economical, regular strength duster

Blasting Power: Regular Strength (0.94 N)

3273.png Freeze Spray

Chemtronics Freeze Sprays are exceptionally pure, nonflammable, and provide instantaneous freezing action while leaving no residue. Conveniently packaged and designed for either pinpoint or full board application, these non-reactive circuit refrigerants evaporate instantly while cooling targeted areas.

  3267.png   ES1052
Freeze Spray

Economical, general purpose freeze spray with wide spray for cooling entire PC boards

  3275.png   ES1050

High-performance, pinpoint-accurate freeze spray for isolating individual components on PC boards

  3274.png   ES1051
Freeze-It Antistatic

High-performance, pinpoint-accurate freeze spray that safely cools individual static-sensitive components

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