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Wipers / Pad

3296.png Wipers

Chemtronics dry wipes are engineered and manufactured clean. They are designed for controlled environments, light industrial, benchtop, laboratory and high absorbency applications. They feature:

- High absorbency
- Contamination control
- High-purity
- Little or no linting

They are ideal for use with strong solvents and the full range of engineered Chemtronics cleaners; Electro-Wash cleaner degreasers, Static Free static control products and Flux-Off flux removers.

3465.png C910

Solvent resistant highly absorbent wipe
3316.png 3465.png C900

Highly absorbent wipe for abrasion-free cleaning and drying of sensitive surfaces, components and equipment

3465.png C920

Soft laboratory-grade cellulose tissue designed for use on optical and other sensitive surfaces
3316.png 3467.png 6704 / 6709
Coventry Econowipes

Polyester/cellulose blend, non woven wipes

3466.png 6209 / 6259
Coventry Poly-Wipes

Laundered polyester cleanroom wipes offer extra level of protection for critical applications
  3295.png 7348LE
Coventry Cleanroom Chamois

Nylon/polyester microfiber wipe with laser sealed edge

3285.png 6259BESD
Coventry Poly-Onyx
ESD Wipes

ESD safe, black polyester monofilament wipe

3289.png Presaturated Wipes / Pads

Presaturated wipes combine Chemtronics highly effective cleaners and static dissipative treatments with the convenience of a disposable applicator.

Presaturated products can be used in a wide variety of applications:
- Cleaning optical surfaces
- Cleaning fiber optic connectors and fusion splicers
- Cleaning computer keyboards
- Cleaning and applying ESD treatments to display screens
- Removing oil, dust and other contaminants
- Cleaning and protecting sensitive contact surfaces

3294.png SIP100P
IPA Presaturated Wipes

General purpose presaturated wipe in a convenient dispenser
3316.png 3292.png CP400

General purpose, presaturated lint-free cleaning wipe

3293.png CP410
Optic Prep

Highest quality premoistened lens-grade tissue for cleaning optical surfaces
  3290.png CSP20
Screen Prep

Convenient cleaning and static control for monitors

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