Dry Wiper - 100% Polyester

Alpha 10 = Premium, sealed-border wiper. TX1012
AlphaSorb 10 = Premium two-ply, sealed-border wiper. TX1052
AlphaSorb HC = Large, cut-edge two-ply wiper. TX2412

AlphaWipe = Premium, cut-edge, heavy-weight wiper. TX1013
TexTra = Single-ply that acts like a two-ply. TX2424
TexTra 10 = Sealed-border single-ply, heavy-weight. TX2452
TexVantage = Sealed-edge, for spill control and general-purpose cleaning. TX8942
Vertex High Durability = Combination of sorption capacity with maximum abrasion resistance. TX22
Vertex High Sorption = Wiper’s unique design provides a very soft feel and high sorption. TX42