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Kimtech Brand Gloves protect your process and your employees from known and unknown risks while delivering comfort, dexterity, quality and the assurance to do your best work. They work hand in hand with other head-to-toe solutions from Kimberly-Clark Professional — the global leader in lab and cleanroom PPE and wiping products. newtop1.png


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Nitrile Gloves   Latex Gloves   Sterile Nitrile Gloves   Sterile Latex Gloves


Kimtech Brand Apparel provides seamless protection when and where it matters most — closing the gaps in your protection. As a global leader in lab and cleanroom PPE, Kimberly-Clark Professional products work together to enhance comfort, compliance and productivity.



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Standard Labcoat   USP-800 Gown   Sterile Gown    


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Mask w/ Splashguard Visor   Standard Face Mask   Sterile Face Mask   Sterile Pouch Style Mask


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Standard Sleeve   Standard Shoe Cover   Ankle High Shoe Cover    


Kimtech A5 Sterile when you need a high-value combination of quality and comfort – as well as reliable cleanroom protection – you can trust Kimtech A5 Clean Processed Cleanroom Apparels. Suitable for ISO Class 5 or higher cleanrooms.



Kimtech A5 Sterile (ISO Class 5) Cleanroom Apparel



  Purchase the Following Parts:
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  A5 Sterile Integrated
Hood / Mask
  A5 Sterile Hood
w/ Ties
  cover09.png   sleeve02.png
  A5 Sterile Coverall   A5 Sterile Sleeve
  A5 Sterile Boot Cover