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Cleanroom Curtain Cleaner Slipcovers (Refills)

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Available Quantity Option: Case
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12 Pairs of Slipcovers Per Case

Cleanroom Curtain Cleaner Slipcovers (Refills)
*Gamma Irradiated is Non-Returnable with 2-3 Week Lead Time.

Micronova Manufacturing Inc. was established in Torrance, California in 1984. Recognizing the need for tools to address critical cleaning in aerospace and military installations, the company developed a range of cleanroom mops, wipers and detergents to serve the emerging cleanroom industry. With its CR 100 PC tape, the company was the first to develop specially processed cleanroom tape for controlled environments.

Refill Slipcovers used with Curtain Cleaner Handle (Handle Sold Separately)

MegaTex (100% Polyamide) Slipcover:
Non-woven Polyamide textured thermo bonded surface. Sealed bonding points give the non-woven structure increased stability against fibers lifting against rough or textured surfaces. Can be used with strong disinfectants. 12" length. Autoclavable.

NovaLite (63% Synthetic Latex / 37% Rayon) Slipcover:
Hard-wearing, low-linting slip cover. 400% absorbency. Can be used with strong disinfectants. In a dry state will not mildew. If stored damp, packaging must be ventilated to avoid mildew. Exposure to chlorine will gradually deteriorate the latex coating. After using a chlorine solution rinse thoroughly with water. Do not leave in chlorine solution for long periods. 12" length. Autoclavable between 100°C and 120°C. Temperatures above 140°C will degrade the latex exterior.

NovaPoly (100% Polyester) Slipcover: (Irradiated Option Available)
Low-linting polyester covered foam slip cover to clean or apply disinfectant to cleanroom curtains and softwalls. Can be laundered and re-used. Resistant to strong disinfectants and steam sterilization. 12" length. Autoclavable.
Also available in a thick sponge version.

PolyMesh (100% Mesh Polyester / Abrasive) Slipcover:
Heavy duty, abrasive slip cover for heavy soils and light industrial cleanroom curtains. Abrasive outer layer allows aggressive cleaning without particulation and inner layer protects against foam shedding. Resistant to strong disinfectants. Holds up to multiple laundry cycles. 12" length. Autoclavable.

PVA (Bonded Non-Woven Polyvinyl Alcohol) Slipcover:
Absorbent, low-linting slip cover. 600% absorbency. Holds up to multiple laundry cycles. 12" length. PVA cover not compatible with IPA and chlorides.

Note: Handle sold separately: Click Here