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KN95 5-Ply Respirator Mask 10/Pack (Clearance)

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KN95 Mask 10 Pack
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Available Quantity Option: Bag
Bag Unit: 10 Masks

KN95 Respirator With Earloops - Five Layer

Filtering respirators are different than standard protective mask.
KN95 masks are regulated by the Chinese government under regulation GB2626-2006 and are rated to filter 95% of particles. In April of 2020, in order to help expand the availability of general use face masks for the general public and particulate filtering facepiece respirators for healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA issued guidance authorizing the use of KN95 masks as suitable NIOSH alternatives under certain emergency circumstances.

Other differences between N95 masks vs KN95 masks are that KN95 masks often use the earloop method of wearing the respirator whereas the N95 masks use a two head-strap attachments, one that goes around the back of the head under the ears and another that goes on the top over the crown of the head above the ears. It really comes down to personal preference in terms of which one is more comfortable for the wearer as well as the level of safety and protection one feels is necessary given the particular activity being carried out.

N95 Masks vs KN95 Masks vs FFP2 Masks

N95 and KN95 masks both filter up to 95% of particles and create an air tight seal around the face. Under the current US regulatory framework mentioned above, as of April 8th 2020, the FDA has authorized the emergency use of KN95 masks and  FFP2 masks where there is a shortage of NIOSH approved N95 masks.
Features and Benefits:
  • KN95 – China GB2626-2006 Standards
  • Filtering Capacity is 95%
  • Packaged in Reclosable 10 Pack Bags
  • Product Code: KN95
  • Brand: Import
  • Color: White
  • Style: Respirator with Earloops