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Medipak Regular-Top UVLI-Bags

$42.69 - $158.08
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Regular-Top UVLI
1 - 2 Weeks

Available Quantity Option: Case
Case Unit: See Chart Below

Dimension Capacity General Use Case Quanitity
2.5" x 8.5" n/a For Syringes 1000 Bags
3" x 14" n/a For Large Syringes
1000 Bags
5" x 8.5" 250ml For Piggyback IVs 500 Bags
6" x 10" 500ml For 1/2-liter IV bottles 1000 Bags
6" x 14" 1000ml For 1-liter IV bottles 1000 Bags
8" x 14" 1000ml For 1-liter IV bottles 500 or 1000 Bags
10" x 18" 3000ml For 3-liter IV bags 250 Bags
12" x 18" 4000ml For 4-liter IV bags 250 Bags

Medipak Regular-Top UVLI-Bags

Note: offers only BLACK UVLI-Bags online. BLACK UVLI-Bags block 100% of UV Light from 290nm to 450nm. Lighter colors will provide less UV Light protection. To order any other colors, please call us.

Regular-Top UVLI-Bags:
Medipak started by creating these UVLI-Bags back in the 60′s. The same protection they provided back then is the same protection built into every bag produced today. Protect or blind your product with Medipak's flagship product. Made right here in the USA.

Medipak UVLI-bags provide great value - high quality at a reasonable price. Medipak customers include 1000′s of hospitals, pharmacies, home health care pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, and veterinarian clinics throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Medipak’s UVLI-bags have been used for UV protection and blinding in clinical drug trials by numerous major Pharmaceutical Companies and by 5 of the top 6 major Contract Research Organizations.

Established Procedures for Total Quality Control of Medipak UVLI-Bags:
- Testing each new lot of raw materials received.
- Manufacturing and testing the film for thickness, width, and most importantly, UV transmittance, insures that Medipak film and bags exceeds United States Pharmacopeia (USP) specifications, which require that the maximum transmission of light at any wavelength between 290nm to 450nm (U.V. range) is no greater than 10 percent. (Ref. the 28th Revision, January 1, 2005, Page 2397)
- Manufacturing and testing the bags for length, seal strength, box count, ease of opening, and seal burn-through.

Top Reasons to Choose Medipak UVLI-Bags:

- Light protection is extremely important in health care, and UVLI-bags are designed to provide protection against the deteriorating effects of ultraviolet light, as defined by the United States Pharmacopeia. (Ref. the 28th Revision, January 1, 2005, Page 2397)
- UVLI-bags are routinely tested for effectiveness as part of the Medipak Quality Assurance and Control Program.
- UVLI-bags are cost effective. No more than pennies need be spent to protect I.V.’s that often cost $50 and up to administer.