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Meiji PKL-2 Pole Stand with Incident and Transmitted LED Lighting

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PKL-2 Stand
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Meiji PKL-2 Pole Stand with Incident and Transmitted LED Lighting

Meiji Techno Co., Ltd. is the third-largest manufacturer of optical microscopes in Japan. In 1964, Azuma Optics Co., Ltd. was founded as a contract manufacturer of microscopes and quickly established a reputation for high quality and fast delivery. In 1975, the company reformed into Meiji Techno Co., Ltd. and began selling microscopes directly to the public under the name Meiji Techno.

Pole type stand with dual LED illumination coarse focusing slide block, 5W, auto voltage sensing

An ergonomic pole type stand with dual LED illumination system, coarse focusing holder, 5 watt LED incident illumination, dual variable intensity control, removable glass stage plate, two stage clips, and power cord. Transmitted light base features an extremely bright multiple LED array with milk white diffusion plate and clear glass stage plate. Automatic voltage (100V to 240V) sensing power supply.

Base Dimensions: 330mm (12.99”) wide x 280mm (11”) deep.

The Model PKL-2 is styled after the successful Model PK stand which is a plain extended working distance ergonomic pole stand with "F" focusing holder. But the PLK-2 hikes it up another notch by adding integrated transmitted and incident LED Illumination with dual variable intensity controls!

The transmitted light uses an extremely bright white LED array with integrated diffusion plate providing excellent dispersion of light without hot spots caused by LED elements. However, when the standard glass plate is removed and the optional super diffuser plate is installed with the brightness turned up all of the way, the light is almost blinding!

The incident illuminators on the PKL-2 are powerful LumiLED LED's on an adjustable pivot providing a luminescent type light with a brighter color temperature than halogen. The LED beam is a perfectly round focused spot which can be adjusted for height and specimen. The PKL-2 uses a standard IEC powercord because it has an integrated auto-voltage sensing switching power supply that is rugged and trouble-free. This means it will accept any voltage between 100 and 260 volts. It has CE approval and with proper power cord, this stand is ready to go in European or any marketplace worldwide.