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Essential SOSCleanroom Consumables For Every Medical Facility and Electronics Manufacturer Need to Have

18th Apr 2023

SOSCleanroom consumable product offerings are designed to maintain a sterile environment, void of any particles that could negatively affect the production process. Medical facilities and electronics manufacturers must ensure that cleanroom conditions are maintained to prevent contamination and protect patients and equipment. To achieve this, cleanroom supplies are necessary to facilitate the process. In this blog post, we will discuss the essential cleanroom consumables that every medical facility and electronics manufacturer needs to have.

SOSCleanroom Kimtech Garments

SOSCleanroom garments are critical in maintaining cleanroom environments, and they are often made of materials that prevent shedding or contamination. Medical facilities and electronics manufacturers require cleanroom garments like lab coats, smocks, and jumpsuits, which are often fitted with hoods, gloves, and shoe covers to avoid contamination from human body particles. These garments are made with cleanroom fabric, which helps to filter and capture airborne particles.

SOSCleanroom Ansell Gloves

SOSCleanroom gloves are essential in ensuring that the cleanroom environment remains clean and sterile. In medical facilities, gloves are often used to prevent contamination from open wounds, while electronics manufacturers use them to avoid electrostatic discharge (ESD). There are different types of gloves, including nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves, each with its unique advantages. Unsure what kind of gloves you need for your cleanroom, contact SOSCleanroom today!

SOSCleanroom Kimtech Face Masks

SOSCleanroom face masks help to prevent the spread of germs and maintain cleanroom environments. In medical settings, face masks help to protect the staff and patients from contamination, while in the electronics industry, face masks help to protect against dust, dirt, and other large particles. Cleanroom masks are made of a high-quality material that is resistant to shedding or releasing particles into the air.

SOSCleanroom TexWipe Wipers and Mops

SOSCleanroom Texwipe wipers and mops are essential in ensuring a clean environment. Cleanroom wipes are different from standard wipes because they are made of materials that don't leave any fibers behind. Cleanroom mops are also made to avoid shedding and are made of materials like microfiber. The mops and wipes are used to maintain and clean surfaces, including tables, floors, and walls.

SOSCleanroom High-Tech Mats

SOSCleanroom mats prevent contamination by trapping dirt and dust from footwear. They are usually placed in cleanroom entrances, and people entering the cleanroom must walk over the mat before entering. Cleanroom mats come in several types, including peel-off mats, adhesive mats, and washable mats.

SOSCleanroom consumables are essential in maintaining cleanroom environments that are necessary for medical facilities and electronics manufacturers. The supplies discussed in this blog post, including cleanroom garments, gloves, face masks, wipes, mops, and mats, are critical in ensuring the production process is not contaminated. Are you in need of cleanroom consumables for your facility? Look no further. Check out our collection of cleanroom supplies to find the best products for your needs.