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Keep your Semiconductor Clean Room Free of Dust Particles

22nd Feb 2015

When fabricating the circuit boards for semiconductors, it is critical to operate in a clean room free of dust. In addition, the environment has to be controlled so the temperature and humidity is within a range in order to control static as that would also ruin the production. Vibrations must also be controlled to maintain the integrity of the microcircuit fabrication.

For semiconductor clean rooms, the protocol is similar to the cleaning required in clean rooms for medical and pharmaceutical companies. It is vital that the ISO class regulations are followed. With parts that are smaller than a piece of dust, the nanotechnology will be ruined if dust and other particulates interfere. Following the required protocol for attending to the HEPA filtration system, proper cleaning and attention to protocols when entering the room are crucial in reducing and maintaining the low levels of particulates and contamination within the room.

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