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Wiper Cleaniness Chart: Click Here

Absorbond = Soft, non-abrasive wiper, its sorptive capacity is 5x its weight

AlphaWipe = Cut-edge, heavy-weight wiper

AlphaLite = Cut-edge, light-weight wiper

AlphaSorb HC = Cut-edge, two-ply wiper

Alpha 10 = Sealed-border wiper

AlphaSorb 10 = Sealed-border, two-ply wiper

TexTra = Single-ply that acts like a two-ply

TexTra 10 = Sealed-border single-ply, heavy-weight

TexTube = For high sorbency wiping with a two-ply layer, achieves the maximum sorption of all sealed-edge wipers

TexVantage = Sealed-edge, for spill control and general-purpose cleaning

ThermaSeal 60 = Affordable laser cut (thermally sealed) wiper

Vectra Alpha 10 = Sealed-border wiper (cleanest texwipe wiper)

Vectra Alpha 10 LT = Sealed-border wiper made with low titanium dioxide (TiO2)

Vectra Alpha Nu = Sealed-border wiper for immediate adsorption of liquids

Vectra AlphaSorb 10 = Sealed-border two-ply wiper for high sorption

Vectra Honeycomb 10 = Sealed-border wiper for grit and residue removal

Vectra QuanTex = Sealed-border light-weight, wiper for all-purpose critical cleaning

Vectra Quantum 100 = Sealed-border standard-weight wiper with a soft feel

Vertex = Sealed-edge, fully-automated manufacturing system insures no variation in particulates or fibers

Vision 1 = Pink ESD wiper