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Choosing the Right Swab

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All cleanroom supplies are important, but you may find yourself relying on some more than others. You know what you use a swab for. Do you know what type is the right kind for your specific project though? In this blog, we are going to take an in-depth look at our sterile swabs, so you know which one to choose for your intended purpose.

With a variety of swab types to choose from, how are you supposed to know which one is right for you? Understanding that a sterile swab is used for safe and effective transfer of bacteria collection, specimen collection, treatment of equipment, maintenance, and much more, it's important that you use the right swab before beginning your project. That's where we come in.

Offering cotton, foam, polyester and transport swabs, our goal is to help you better understand what swab will be the most effective for your specific project, contributing to reduced contamination and eliminating potential cleanroom hazards.

Most commonly used as single-use products, each one of our swabs are designed with your needs in mind. Whether its specimen collection or medical application, the type of swab you use will greatly affect your results and capabilities. Read on to find out what each swab variation is best used for, and why it may be beneficial for you.

Types of swabs

Cotton swabs

Cotton swabs are composed of pharmaceutical-grade, spun cotton fibers. All cotton tips meet industry standards and can be used for anything from basic medical care, to cleaning- but they are not recommended for specimen collection.

Cotton swabs are one of the most absorbent swab variations, are soft in texture, and are relatively low in cost. Because cotton is absorbent, using these tipped swabs for specimen collection generally results in interference, affecting processes and contaminating organisms upon application.

Polyesters swabs

As a synthetic fiber that is spun from a polymer, polyesters swabs are generally used for specific collection and microbiology. Originally created for medical applications, polyester swabs serve industries across the world with accurate collection capabilities. Though polyester swabs are not as absorbent as cotton swabs, they have excellent release properties, making them perfect for test diagnostics and PCR analysis.

Foam Swabs

Created from medical-grade polyurethane foam, foam swabs are the most popular swabs used for diagnosis. As a porous material, foam swabs can be used in conjunction with medical devices and testing for the most accurate results. Absorbent, conductive, and electrostatic, foam swabs are one of the only swab variations that are chemical resistant, giving researchers a more well-rounded application usage.

Ranging in quality, size, and material, SOS Cleanroom has the right swab for you. Available in a transportable application, you can rest easy knowing that when you order your sterile swabs from us, you are receiving high-quality products that you can trust. Assuring reliable performance each and every time, we invite you to take a look at our sterile swab collection now. To order your swabs or to take a look at all of our cleanroom supplies, click here.