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Everything You Need To Know About Cleanroom Stationery and Documentation


A key function that takes place in a cleanroom is documentation, note-taking, and other administrative activities. In order for these tasks to take place, you need the proper cleanroom stationery and documentation tools. While pens, paper, notebooks, and binders might not seem like objects that would cause any concern, traditional forms of these will not be safe for your cleanroom. To ensure that your cleanroom has all the supplies it needs in order for everyone to take notes, create logs, and keep track of important tasks, be sure you purchase an array of items that are specifically designed for cleanrooms.

Read on to learn more about some of the common cleanroom documentation supplies you should stock your cleanroom with and why these alternatives are necessary. Purchase everything you need to keep your cleanroom operating effectively through our online store.

Cleanroom Self-Adhesive Notepad

Jotting down quick notes and sticking the note where needed is a common practice in any office setting. In a cleanroom, sticky notes can be an issues as they leave behind a residue where they are stuck. While you cannot utilize normal sticky notes in a cleanroom, you don’t have to go without this useful piece of stationery. Instead, you can purchase sticky notes that were designed specifically for cleanrooms.

A cleanroom self-adhesive notepad features some important attributes that make it different than its traditional counterpart. These sticky note sheets feature a proprietary temporary adhesive strip, which allows the notes to be attached and removed without the high residue associated with most adhesives. Not only do they feature a cleanroom safe adhesive strip, but they also provide low particle generation and low ionic contamination. The entire product is cleanroom packaged in 72-sheet pads. Enjoy the use of sticky notes in your cleanroom without any fear of contamination.

Cleanroom Paper

A necessary part of operating your facility is having paper on hand. However, utilizing standard paper will put your cleanroom at risk of particle generation. This is where cleanroom bond paper comes into play. This paper is specifically designed to substantially reduce the risk of this form of contamination. This bond paper is impregnated with a synthetic copolymer.

Taking it one step further, the TexWrite® paper we sell at SOS Cleanroom further mitigates risks of contamination due to the formula utilized. This formula doesn’t include organic fillers, such as calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, and aluminum silicate. These fillers can contribute to ionic contamination, which is why TexWrite® designed their product without it. This paper also holds up to heat, making it perfect for printers and photocopiers. Available in white, blue, yellow, or green, you can utilize the variety of colors to differentiate between cleanroom paper and non, as well as to indicate different shifts, projects, or areas.

Cleanroom Ballpoint Pens

All the paper and sticky notes in the world will be of little use if you don’t have cleanroom pens to utilize as well. Standard pens can pose a myriad of risks to your cleanroom, which is why these specialized pens were designed. These pens feature a low-sodium ink, important to the protection of your cleanroom. They also feature a poly barrel, which will limit particle generation.

These pens are designed to obstruct particle generation, keeping your cleanroom environment safe and protected. You can purchase cleanroom pens in a variety of colors, making these the perfect choice for all your cleanroom documentation needs.

Cleanroom Clipboard

Most industries that utilize cleanrooms are heavily focused on detailed documentation. In order to ensure everyone can record the information they need to on the go, stock your cleanroom with a specialized clipboard designed to prevent contamination. These clipboards are the perfect portable writing surface and are constructed with rigid polypropylene. Each clipboard is individually cleanroom packaged to ensure your environment is protected.

Not only is the clipboard ideal for cleanroom use, it is also designed to be corrosion resistant and has no sharp edges. The smooth edges of this clipboard will help ensure that no gloves or garments are torn during use, a further protection against contamination.

Purchase All Your Documentation Needs

From the pens you write with to the paper you print off important reports on, make sure your cleanroom is well stocked with everything you need for documentation. We carry a variety of choices when it comes to paper, notebooks, binders, clipboards, pens, and more. Whatever specific items you need, we can help you find them. Make sure that your cleanroom is equipped with the right tools, even down to the smallest sticky note used in the space.

Here at SOS Cleanroom, we carry the very best in all things cleanroom. We provide not only the items you need for documentation, but we also carry apparel and cleaning supplies. We are your go-to source for the best pricing on the specific products you need. Whatever industry you are working in, we will equip you with the best products to meet your industry’s standards. Shop our vast supply today and feel free to reach out with any questions about your order.