Myths of Cleaning and Maintaining Cleanrooms

Myths of Cleaning and Maintaining Cleanrooms

22nd Aug 2019

You may feel tempted to cut corners when cleaning your own home, but when it comes to creating and maintaining a controlled environment in a cleanroom, it is essential that processes, rules, and regulations are followed exactly. Without proper procedures, training, and enforcement, it can lead to poor or inaccurate test results, contaminated products, or even defective products, all leading to a loss of time and money. In addition, depending on the type of cleanroom you’re working in, the requirements may be more stringent, increasing the cost of maintaining the room as well as an increased risk in the event that something does go wrong.

SOS Cleanroom has been supplying various industries, government agencies, and educational institutions with cleanroom supplies and products since 1981. We focus on providing cleanroom products that are hard to find, but still affordable and effective. Our products meet the highest standards to ensure our customers are satisfied and confident that they can trust each item.

Anyone Can Maintain a Cleanroom

Again, it’s tempting to cut corners in your own home, but it cannot be done when your cleanroom must meet certain standards and requirements. Cleanrooms require thorough and ongoing training and education in order to do the job effectively. Adding cleaning responsibilities to current employees, research staff, or a standard commercial cleaning company may save money, but it will increase the risk of cleanroom contamination. When maintaining a cleanroom, equipment-appropriate cleaning agents, methods, and products must be used, proper attire must be worn, and processes must be followed exactly.

A Checklist is Enough For a Cleaning Company to Follow

A checklist is a fine place to start, but it is far from adequate. Each cleanroom has different requirements, holds various equipment with vastly different needs, and different cleanroom products are needed for different situations, surfaces, and equipment. In order for the job to be done correctly, it takes long periods of training in order to determine what is needed for each situation and cleanroom in order for the space to remain operational, productive, and to meet ISO standards.

Equipment Purchases and Cleaning Can be Done Separately

Cleanrooms are designed in a way that enables staff to be as efficient as possible and to reduce the risk of contamination. When equipment is purchased and cleanrooms are designed, it should be an integrated process. Equipment that doesn’t come in contact with products can be placed outside of any controlled environment where rules aren’t as strict. The layout of the space can be designed so that there is easy access to deionized water and other cleanroom supplies. These steps can ensure that the cleanroom is efficient and safe.

Regular maintenance of cleanrooms is essential for the manufacturer or organization to produce quality products and accurate test results. SOS Cleanroom offers cleanroom supplies that can facilitate in the maintenance, safety, and disinfecting of cleanroom facilities. From swabs and applicators to cleanroom apparel, and solutions, we offer high-quality, affordable products. Get in touch with our team today for custom orders or if you don’t see what you need in our online inventory.