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Smocks, Frocks, Gowns, And Lab Coats: Understanding The Differences


No matter what industry your cleanroom operates within, having the proper cleanroom garments on hand is vital to the smooth operation of the area. You need to ensure that no matter what projects are being worked on, every staff member has access to the right apparel to ensure they are safe, protected, and not posing a threat to the integrity of the cleanroom.

Here at SOS Cleanroom, we carry a vast array of cleanroom garments, gloves, and other important apparel. If you are shopping for smocks, frocks, gowns, and lab coats, we have you covered. Check out the following information about the important differences each of these coverings provides and purchase all your cleanroom garments in bulk today for increased savings.


An important type of apparel for any cleanroom is the smock. A smock provides a valuable barrier to particles, microorganismes, and non-hazardous light liquid splashes. A smock features a bound neck and elastic wrists, as well as ties at the waist. An important feature of the smock, as compared to some of the other garment options, is that it features a wrap-around design. The smock is pulled on, then wrapped across the body and secured using ties on the front of the garment. The smock also offers excellent wrist fittings, utilizing elastic to keep the wrists in place.

Depending on the size of smock purchased, the length of a smock is anywhere from 36 ¼ inch to 39 ¼ inch. The smock offers a left chest pocket and two lower pockets for ease of use.


Another popular piece of cleanroom apparel to have on hand is the frock. Frocks differ from their rhyming counterpart in a few distinctive ways. For starters, a frock is much longer than a smock. Depending on the size chosen, a frock is anywhere from 41 inches to 57 inches in length. They are also different than smocks in the way that they are secured. A frock has a front zipper closure, which makes it an excellent choice for fast donning and doffing. The cut of a frock is a little different as well and features an a-line silhouette.

Some components of the frock are similar to the smock. The frocks we carry at SOS Cleanroom feature the same elastic wrists as the smock to ensure a perfect fit at the wrist. They also act as the perfect barrier for particles, microorganisms, and light liquid splashes. Similar to the smock, a frock should not be used around heat, flames, or sparks.


Another option for creating a barrier to particles, microorganisms, and light liquid spills is the gown. A gown is similar to smocks in length, measuring at 39 inches. It is designed to be a one-size-fits-most, which means this is a great choice for having in stock as it can be utilized by any staff or visiting parties. A gown is slipped on over the head, unlike a smock and frock which secure in the front. The gown also features ties on the back so it can be cinched to size.

The cuffs of the gown are also different than the smock or frock. The gown features knit cuffs for a comfortable fit. Similar to the above choices, a gown features a bound neck for lower particle shedding. Not only can you use the waist ties to create a better fit, but you can also utilize ties along the neckline to secure this area as well.

Lab Coats

Perhaps the most quintessential cleanroom garb, the lab coat offers an array of benefits and differs from the above choices in a few noteworthy ways. The lab coat features open wrists and true to its coat name features an open front. In order to secure the lab coat, the front closures need to be snapped closed. With a raglan sleeve design, the lab coat offers a great range of motion and comfort. Depending on the size chosen, the length of the lab coat is between 40 ½ inches to 51 inches. In this way, it is similar to a frock in length. The lab coat also features three pockets, similar to the smock. It can be purchased in five different sizes, so you can provide staff with the perfect fit for their needs.

All of the above cleanroom garments offer excellent protection in the cleanroom and are designed to cleanroom standards. Whether you opt for just one or you choose to stock an array of choices for your cleanroom, these garments will help ensure your staff is protected and that your cleanroom is never compromised.

Not only do we offer a vast array of garment choices, we also carry other important cleanroom products, such as cleaning tools, gloves, documentation, and more. Shop our online store and enjoy premium products at outstanding prices for all your cleanroom needs.