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Some Of The Cleanest Places On Earth

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At SOS Cleanroom, it’s pretty fair to say that we’re captivated by all things clean. Without proper cleanrooms around the world, our modern society simply wouldn’t have many of the products and technology that we often take for granted in our day to day lives. From your child’s clean bedroom (it’s a pain to ask them to clean it, but who doesn’t enjoy a straightened up bedroom?) to intricate electronic parts manufacturing, cleaning standards vary but our passion for keeping things as clean as possible remains the same.

Our Passionate For Cleanliness Knows No Bounds

That’s why SOS Cleanroom carries many different cleanroom products for your company, including useful items like cleanroom wipers, cleanroom swabs, sticky mats, sterile nitrile gloves, and countless other cleanroom stationery. Curious about what Specialty Optical Systems Cleanroom can do for your cleanroom manufacturing business? Get in contact with us here or, of course, feel free to shop our online cleanroom supply store.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to look at some of the cleanest places on Earth, because we’re really intrigued by clean things and places. Continue reading on below to keep it clean.

A Class 1 Cleanroom

Of course we had to begin with what’s most familiar to us. Cleanrooms are unsurprisingly clean places, and they are typically used in manufacturing or scientific research, where any pollutants such as dust, microbes or vapours could damage products or adversely affect experiments.

Allow us to put into context just how clean a Class 1 cleanroom really is: In a typical urban environment, an average cubic meter of air contains 35 million particles larger than 0.5 micrometers. A Class 1 cleanroom (US FED STD), only 2.5 particles, larger than 0.5 micrometers a piece, exist per cubic meter of air. Yes, you’re comparing 35 million particles to less than three. This means that this class of cleanrooms is, on average, 14 million times cleaner than the outside world!

Vacuum Chambers

Are you currently working on an experiment that involves complex 6-axis XYZ manipulators and linear translators with optional electron beam heating and Helium cool cryostats? No? Well, if you were, then you would probably need a vacuum chamber.

Vacuum chambers are sealed enclosures from which all of the air has been pumped out. The resulting low pressure, commonly referred to as a vacuum, is used by researchers to carry out physical experiments or test mechanical devices without the results being contaminated by foreign bodies.

Ultra-high vacuum chambers can create atmospheres containing as little as 100 particles per cubic centimeter (for reference, an average cubic centimeter of air contains as many as 10 trillion particles). This means that an ultra-high vacuum chamber can create an environment one hundred billion times cleaner than the air you’re currently breathing. Just make sure not to hop inside of a vacuum chamber, because that situation could turn ugly pretty quickly.

The Center Of The Earth

Is the core of the Earth really filled with dinosaurs, giants and prehistoric mushrooms as Jules Verne’s 1864 science fiction novel Journey to the Center of the Earth portrayed? Unfortunately, no, but the vast majority of the planet’s core is similar to a blast furnace. Below the Earth’s outer silicate solid crust lies a highly viscous mantle, and then a liquid outer core.

Finally, as you go deeper (it is physically impossible to actually travel this deep into the Earth, but you get the idea), you would find a solid inner core. At the core exists a pressure that is 3.5 million times stronger than the pressure we feel on the Earth’s surface. Temperatures can reach upward of 6,000 degrees Celsius at the center of the Earth, which is actually hotter than the surface of the sun - talk about a scorcher.

So, nothing but solidified iron and nickel in massive crystal formations can possibly exist deep in the center of our planet. As such, there isn’t a single particle of dirt, so it’s nice to know that the Earth keeps things clean where no human (Superman notwithstanding) could ever visit.

Maintain Your Cleanroom With SOS!

We didn’t even get to fusion reactors or the Large Hadron Collider (it’s absolutely fascinating), but there are definitely many places in the world where things have been engineered to be incredibly clean. We only deal with cleanrooms, and our cleanroom products are a perfect match for your company. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to shop our cleanroom gloves, cleanroom garments, cleanroom sticky mats and more!