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The Best Cleanroom Products To Have In Your Laboratory


A cleanroom is a controlled environment that is mostly used in manufacturing or scientific research. These spaces have a low level of pollutants such as airborne particles, dust, and chemical vapors. When trying to control the contamination in a cleanroom, one must pay attention to the temperature, airflow, pressurization, and humidity in the room.

At, we’re proud to be an industry leader in the distribution of cleanroom supplies used in a variety of industries in commercial, medical, and industrial applications. We’ve been providing high-quality cleanroom products to customers in the electronics manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical industry, and semiconductor industry, and we can help you find the best supplies for your cleanroom.

In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the top cleanroom products to have in your laboratory at all times in order to keep unwanted contaminants out.

Cleanroom Wipes

Choosing the best cleanroom wipes for your laboratory can be challenging, especially with the large selection of wipes on the market. Cleanroom wipes tend to differ by application and materials, and at, we carry some of the best wiper brands on the market. From dry wipers to pre-wetted wipers and industrial wipers, we can help you find the best wipes for your facility.

Woven vs. Non-Woven Cleanroom Wipes

While shopping for cleanroom wipes, you may come across woven and non-woven styles, but what’s the difference? A non-woven wipe is a web structure that has been bonded together by the entangling of fibers or filaments. They are considered to be an economical choice and are generally used in cleanrooms no cleaner than ISO Class 6 or above. Woven wipes, on the other hand, are formed by knitting or looping monofilament or other types of synthetics. This results in a cleanroom wiper with great strength and durability.

Cleanroom Swabs

cleanroom swab is a unique precise surface cleaning tool that can be used in small areas. They are available in different sizes, materials, and swab handles. There are swabs available that meet strict requirements of semiconductor, microelectronics, bio-medical, and automotive industries as well. At, we offer a large and impressive selection of cleanroom swabs on our website. From foam swabs to polyester and ESD-safe swabs, we’ve got the cleanroom supplies you need to keep contaminants and debris at bay.

Sticky Mats

Cleanroom sticky mats, also called tacky mats, are ideal for most cleanroom applications. These mats are unlike other floor mats because they have an adhesive surface that can be used to pull dirt and dust from shoes, wheels, and any other passing object it comes in contact with.

If you’re looking for high-quality cleanroom supplies online, look no further than We carry top-of-the-line cleanroom wipers, swabs, sticky mats, gloves, and garments, and we can help you find the best cleanroom supplies for virtually any application. Browse our website online today or get in touch with our friendly staff with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!