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The Importance Of A Cleanroom Beard Cover


When it comes to preventing any contamination in a cleanroom, every measure must be taken to ensure any risks are mitigated through the proper apparel. One important piece of cleanroom apparel is the beard cover. If you have any staff members with beards, this covering will be a necessary tool to have on hand. Just as it is critical to cover other areas of the body to prevent contamination, it is also vital to ensure a beard is properly covered.

Read on to learn more about why a cleanroom beard cover is an important item to have on hand. We will also cover the proper use of this piece of apparel and we will provide you with more details about the beard covers we offer. If you are in need of any supplies for your cleanroom, we have you covered. From apparel to notebooks, we have everything needed to ensure a cleanroom operates smoothly and remains protected.

What Lies In The Beard

While you may imagine that washing a beard with soap and water would ensure that the beard is clean and free of any contaminants, this is simply not true. According to an investigation, the Microbiological Laboratory Hazard of Bearded Men, experiments demonstrated that beards will retain microoganisms and toxins, even after being washed with soap and water. Washing a beard will reduce the amount of toxins and microorganisms present, but it will not fully rid the beard of these contaminants. When someone with a beard enters a cleanroom then, there is an increased risk for those contaminants to enter the air or for beard hair to fall onto nearby surfaces.

As you well know, any sort of contamination can compromise the use of a cleanroom, which is why taking the proper precautions before entering the room is critical. One way to prevent this hazard is to require everyone who enters the room to wear a beard cover if their beard is longer than 3 mm long. This will ensure that any contaminants are trapped and unable to spread during work. A good beard cover should catch dandruff, hair, and any toxins present on the beard.

Be sure that not are all your staff members aware of the specific requirements for beard coverage, but that they also know how to properly secure their beard covers. The cover should be adjusted to fit snugly over the beard and no beard hair should be sticking out anywhere along the face, chin, and neckline. It should rest tightly over their face, without any noticeable gaps.

The Superior Qualities Of Our Cleanroom Beard Covers

When you purchase beard covers for your cleanroom, you want to know you can count on them to provide the necessary protection. Our polypropylene beard covers are designed by high-tech conversions, which is a leading global manufacturer. With high-quality products, fair prices, and constant innovation, this manufacturer has only continued to grow by leaps and bounds since their founding in 1995.

Theses beard covers are the ideal choice for industries where body contaminants are a concern. The covers will provide invaluable protection against human contaminants, including hair and dandruff. Some of the other benefits you will derive from these premium cleanroom beard covers are the following.

  • Affordable Pricing: At less than four cents per beard cover, you can’t beat the low price of this product.
  • Lightweight: Don’t worry about adding bulk to your staff with this beard cover. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Secure Fit: When it comes to a covering of any kind, a secure fit is vital to ensure it is effective. This beard cover features an elastic band, which offers a close fit.
  • Latex-Free Polypropylene Material: This product features a latex-free material, which is ideal for avoiding allergic reactions. Staff can wear this in comfort.

Purchase Your Cleanroom Supplies Today

From cleaning wipes designed specifically for cleanrooms to stationery that meets cleanroom guidelines, we have everything you need to ensure the smooth operation of your cleanroom. Purchase all the products you need from our online store and enjoy the savings of bulk pricing. If you are looking to purchase beard covers for your cleanroom, our products offer the following specifications.

  • Color: white
  • Size: large
  • 1,000 beard covers per case

When you purchase your cleanroom supplies through our store, you can count on the high quality of the product you receive as well as the reliability of our shipping. 

If you have any questions about our beard covers or other cleanroom apparel, we invite you to reach out to our team to learn more. We look forward to helping you save money while still effectively operating a cleanroom for your specific industry.