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Gallon Wall Bracket

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Available Quantity Option: Each
Each Unit: 1 Wall Bracket

Gallon Wall Bracket

Steel wall bracket made to contain all one gallon R&R lotions and cleaners. Inner Diameter is 6.25″ and 4” tall. Holds up to 10 lb Gallon containers.  Also used for gallon jugs of hand sanitizer.  By mounting hand sanitizers there is less of a chance product gets misplaced and maintenance can confirm locations and whether or not refills are needed.  Also available in a 32oz. version.   

This product is a great addition to any laboratory or any facility wanting to keep track of cleaner, hand sanitizing or lotions.  Please take note of the inner diameter of the bracket and confirm it will be suitable for your application.  

Mounting hardware is not included. 

A Steel Wall Bracket made to contain all RR Lotions and Cleaners. Use with Gallon Bottles Only.